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Do you like to read ? Turn your love of reading into a degree. Do you want to improve your critical thinking skills and your writing? The Literary Studies program is meant for you. And an MA degree can lead to career advancement and may change your life. We focus on fine books but also the universe of digital media.

We help you develop your critical reading skills so that you will enjoy reading for work or pleasure. We explore literature from all over the world in addition to English writing. Titles include: Heart of Darkness, Knife on the Table, Voiceless People, Black Atlantic, Making a Difference, Translations, The Bible, Post-Colonial Drama, The Name of the Rose, Harlem Duet, No New Land, Amigo’s Blue Guitar and others from two thousand years of culture.

Students can study diverse topics: Canadian prairie novels, fairytales, women in literature, films and fiction, African novels, theory, war novels, literary style, psychology of fictional characters, ethnic minority identity, hypertext writing, the meaning of Literary Studies and more. In addition to critical essays students are expected to write research papers on their chosen topics.

We still read books printed on paper, but students also use digital media for research. Each course has a website and many have active discussion forums and essay drop-boxes. The Literary Studies focus area is one of the newer concentrations in the MA-IS degree program.

For more information about Literary Studies contact the Master of Arts Integrated Studies program.

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