MA-IS program offers a specialization in Adult Education

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Adult education is one of the most popular MA-IS focus areas (streams), whether you are a community educator, human resource specialist, trainer or simply wanting to know more about the role of adult education in Canada or the world this stream is for you!

Courses examine “Canadian adult education,” “the purpadultedoses of adult  education,” “program planning and methods in adult learning”, and “work and learning” plus a range of other related courses. The materials have been prepared by experts in the field and courses are taught by PhDs who are current in their knowledge.

We argue that adult education is education for life, not just for a living; it has a “social” purpose – that of supporting participatory democracy and community development. In recent years, adult education
has been used to describe all provision of education and training for adults, and the courses in this focus area will allow students to critically examine the breadth and depth of adult education as a field
of practice.