This Mom’s Reality – Just say yes

Like many AU student moms, real life happened when I made other plans. I ended up leaving my first round of university studies before I finished my degree and then I met my British husband and moved overseas. While this brought so many real life experiences, not finishing my education was something that weighed me down. Once we returned to Canada, I looked into completing my … [Read more...]

This Mom’s Reality – Survival

This Mom's Reality Athabasca University Stephanie Wieler #AthaU AU Online Education Work Life Balance Online Learning Mother's Day Mom's Day Survival 2017

Being a mom is a challenge, having to deal with the late nights, temper tantrums and never ending laundry definitely keep us on our toes. I recall coming home from my full time job and already being exhausted, but moms don’t get a break...the kids need to be fed, bathed and tucked into bed. After realizing that I was unhappy in my line of work, I knew that I needed a change, but I … [Read more...]

Black History Month

First established on February 7, 1926 as Negro History Week under the leadership of African American historian Carter G Woodson, director of the Association for the Study of Negro American Life and History, which was renamed the Association for the Study of African American Life and History in 1972, Black History Month honours the achievement of black people under the adversities … [Read more...]

Listening & Learning: May

As a student of Athabasca University, you not only have access to brilliant minds and mind-blowing programs or courses, you have access to a very extensive music library database. In this month's Listening & Learning, Dr. Kevin Whittingham walks us through duets for violin and organ that can be found in the Naxos Music Library. Like in previous months, we think the suggestions … [Read more...]

Just what is Donald Trump up to?

An expert opinion on calculated Donald Trump comments.

Donald Trump has proved to be a lightning rod for both controversial opinions and rhetoric, and distinct popularity that seemingly has catapulted beyond original speculation; likely even his. Are Donald Trump's comments calculated? Dr. Paul Kellogg, Associate Professor in the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies, Master of Arts Integrated Studies Program, Faculty of Humanities and … [Read more...]

Listening & Learning: February

Listening & Learning: Music for Studying, Athabasca University

February's Listening & Learning comes to us from Dr. David Gregory, a Professor of History and Humanities at Athabasca University. Music is one of the cultural fields to which black artists have made huge contributions since the popularity of minstrelsy and spirituals in the late nineteenth century. While jazz is now an international genre, it was pioneered by such great … [Read more...]