Helping students affected by natural disasters

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Natural Distaster, Bursary, Awards, Student Awards, Student Bursaries, Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Calgary, University, Athabasca UniversityIn response to the devastating wildfire affecting our students in Fort McMurray, AU’s Student Awards Committee has approved two new awards to help students impacted by the fires.

The Natural Disaster Convocation Bursary can fund up to $1,000 for students who are facing unexpected expenses that may affect their participation in Convocation.

The Natural Disaster Emergency Bursary can fund one course tuition for students who would otherwise not be able to continue courses; students can apply for one additional bursary after completion of an initial bursary-funded course.

Interested students can find specific details at these links:

AU Natural Disaster Convocation Bursary

AU Natural Disaster Emergency Bursary

While inspired by the recent events in Fort McMurray, these awards will remain in place to help students who may be affected by natural disasters in the future.