AU and RAIC renew partnership agreement

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Athabasca University and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) have signed a new Memorandum of Agreement to continue their relationship for another five years.

Partnership History

Under the terms of the original agreement, AU and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada created the RAIC Centre for Architecture at Athabasca University to assist in the delivery of the renewed  Syllabus program. Launched in 2011, the centre is Canada’s first online program of architectural education that, in addition to supporting the RAIC Syllabus Program, offers its own credentials in architectural studies. The strength of the centre is that it serves the adult learner who wishes to earn a quality university education regardless of age, gender, culture, ability or disability, geographic location, career and family commitments.

Already the relationship has created one of the largest undergraduate programs of architectural education in Canada. In 2016 alone, the centre served over 500 unique students in 16 countries around the world. It has also pioneered the development of virtual studios and new approaches to design education, and it now has articulation agreements with nine colleges across Canada to help architectural technologists continue their studies.

About RAIC

The RAIC is the leading voice for excellence in the built environment in Canada, demonstrating how design enhances the quality of life while addressing important issues of society through responsible architecture. The RAIC operates the Syllabus Program serving as Canada’s alternate path to architectural licensure.

The Centre for Architecture at Athabasca University serves three kinds of students: general interest students, Syllabus students, and internationally trained architects. All three groups of students can work towards several credentials: the RAIC Syllabus Professional Diploma in Architecture, a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, (BSc Arch) and a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Architecture (PBDA).

For more information about the Centre for Architecture, please visit the website or follow on Instagram @au.architecture.

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