Global Change a focus area in the MA-IS program

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Today we are faced with extraordinarily rapid and sometimes disruptive changes on a global scale to a degree perhaps never seen before. It is has become virtually impossible to think of one’s culture, tradition, or nation apart from the global context that increasingly defines it or exerts various sorts of pressure upon it. Political policies, social structures, and environmental impacts all now must be addressed in terms of the relation between global contexts and local spaces and communities.

The Global Change Focus Area in the MA-IS Program leads students to track as well as critically assess the rapid shifts in our complex and increasingly enmeshed world, thereby also facilitating creative ways to frame and understand the global situation in which we live. Our courses cover a wide range of topical areas and theoretical as well as pragmatic approaches to the many contemporary environmental, political, and social issues we face today.

In the spirit of interdisciplinarity fostered through the MA-IS Program, no single field of study is privileged. Rather, a multitude of perspectives are brought to bear as students engage with real world problems andGlobal Change are challenged to generate novel solutions that cannot be pigeonholed in terms of traditional academic departments.

With respect to global change, it is well said that we are condemned to live in exciting times. From the relevance of indigenous knowledges to the context of contemporary globalization to the critique of political categories that frame the rise of neoliberal ideologies and the various resistances to it, and from local spaces to emancipatory strategies – anyone who is interested in the world around them is bound to find much of interest in the Global Change Focus Area. And for anyone who wishes to maximize their chances of success in today’s increasingly globalized workplace, global literacy is a must.

So come on all you globetrotters and check out the exciting world of Global Change. Take a look at our list of Global Change courses to see and read about the thought-provoking courses we have to offer.