AU Doctoral Students: internal deadline for 60k Trudeau Scholarship – Nov. 19

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trudeauThe AU internal deadline for Doctoral students wishing to apply for the exclusive 2016 Trudeau Scholarship is Nov. 19.

Valued at $60,000 annually, for a maximum of three years, the Trudeau Scholarship is the most prestigious award of its type in Canada.


In addition to generous financial support, it also includes a separate annual travel allowance to support research-related travel and cover other networking, professional development and dissemination expenses. 

The Trudeau Scholarship also offers the Scholar the opportunity to benefit from a special relationship with an experienced Trudeau Mentor. Finally, it welcomes the Scholars into the Trudeau Community, which is comprised of talented people who share the same diligence, audacity, and intellectual ambition, and the will to apply and share their knowledge for the benefit of all.


For more information on the scholarship, visit –


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