Better Know An AU Student: Dustin Blumhagen

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Better Know An AU Student

Here at Athabasca University, we understand the online learning process. We appreciate the perks; we understand the freedom online learning and distance education provide…but it’s certainly great to hear the success stories and student testimonials about their education and their personal development.

Introducing a new series of AU profiles which will focus on learning habits, successes and a sheer determination of students and professors at the online institution. The Better Know series, with a title homage to The Colbert Report’s Better Know a District series, will identify interesting individuals and profile their important place at AU allowing you to better know them and their talents. Know someone we should profile? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

Dustin Blumhagen

Meet Dustin Blumhagen. He’s a teacher, a writer, a music lover and he is currently enrolled in the Labour Studies degree program here at AU.

He’s a busy guy. A family man, first, Dustin finds the time to educate himself when he’s not raising his children, writing about music or educating younger students as a secondary school teacher.

Whether they’re from Cochrane or Guelph, it’s amazing to see how AU students are empowered by our educational model; one aimed at helping them grow their future.

The journey that led Dustin Blumhagen to AU mesmerizes and inspires. Learn more about Dusin’s journey in the Minds We Meet section of the Athabasca University Students’ Union publication.

Again, know someone we should profile? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!