Blaze the Trails Creek-Side in September

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Fall scene of Muskeg Creek, Athabasca, Alta. [Photo: Rhonda Guay, 2013]

Fall scene of Muskeg Creek, Athabasca, Alta. [Photo credit: Rhonda Guay, 2013

Athabasca University’s Wellness Committee has joined our local Primary Care Network to host the premiere Muskeg Creek trail run, Sept. 19.

If you haven’t taken in the majestic autumnal sights and scenery around Athabasca before, then it’s time to hit the Creek!

This active-living initiative is the perfect venue to hit the trails with your community peers.

The Athletics Alberta-sanctioned run (or walk) gives you the choice of a 2.5 km, 5 km or 10 km jaunt within the natural beauty of Muskeg Creek trails.

Kirsty Byers, Athabasca University’s Occupational Health and Safety Advisor says anyone – students, AU staff, etc. – can join in the fall-fever event. (Those less inclined to jog it out are free to saunter at their leisure.)

“It’s promoting physical activity and just getting out there, taking part in what’s sure to be a fun day. That’s the objective of the Primary Care Network  – getting active while living in your community.”

Byers adds AU’s Wellness Committee is one of the Muskeg Creek Trail Run’s Bronze sponsors.

“We’re going to be volunteering and participating in the race. It would be great to see other colleagues take part as well. It’s family-friendly so everyone can bring their kids, their friends – even their dogs.”

The enthusiastic turnout of AU community members will no doubt signal a new season upon us – textbooks and all.

Says Byers: “I think for anyone who works in town – and definitely if they have kids in town –  there’ll always be that “back-to-school” feeling in the community. So having wellness initiatives like this in September will certainly give a kick-start to that.”

The event is cost-free for all ages to participate on the 2.5 km trail. However, people between 17 and 64 planning to take on the 5 km or 10 km trails will need to pay a $40 fee (which will go toward the Aspen Primary Care Network’s Community Programs building plans).

Get A Head’s Start!

Registrations received before August 12th, 2015 will be guaranteed a race T-shirt and other goodies!

Please register at :


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