Donation a huge boost for Science Outreach

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Filmmakers and environmentalists Albert and Pirkko Karvonen have donated $250,000 to Science Outreach – Athabasca. The Karvonens, who live near Amisk Lake, Alberta are passionate about the environment and education. Their vision is to have students read and understand more about science.

“This is a significant gift to the university, and one which will ensure the work Science Outreach is doing will continue, and flourish,” said Dr. Pamela Walsh, Athabasca University's Vice-president of Advancement. “We're grateful as a university for the generosity of Albert and Pirkko and for their commitment to a vibrant science education program in the Athabasca area.”

Prior to their retirement in 2008, Albert and Pirkko Karvonen produced more than 100 films, focused mainly on the natural world and encouraging environmental awareness and preservation. In 2007, AU awarded Albert Karvonen an honorary Doctor of Science degree.

Science Outreach-Athabasca is a subcommittee of the Centre for Science and Research at Athabasca University. It consists of a group of volunteer scientists and people interested in science whose main objective is to promote all forms of science to children and adults who live in the greater Athabasca area and beyond.

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