Geophysical Observatory receives provincial grant

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Observatory receives research grant

The Alberta Science and Research Investments Program has awarded a $712,261 grant to AU’s Geophysical Observatory. The announcement was made this morning in Edmonton by Alberta Advanced Education and Technology minister Doug Horner as part of a package of $44 million in research grants to Alberta’s universities.

“Education and science lie at the heart of our future prosperity,” said Minister Horner, “These continued research awards help attract and retain the best and brightest researchers and, in turn, help improve the competitiveness of our industries.”

About the Geophysical Observatory

The Athabasca University Geophysical Observatory is dedicated to the study of the near Earth environment, particularly the aurora, or Northern Lights. Magnetic fields associated with the aurora are known to sometimes disrupt electrical power grids.

The research is led by Dr. Martin Connors, Canada Research Chair in Space Science. Earlier this year, Athabasca University received a Canada Foundation for Innovation grant of $661,297 for upgrades to the observatory.


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