AU MEd in Distance Education in Greece Receives Accreditation from NARIC

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The Centre for Distance Education (CDE) has received full accreditation approval from NARIC for the Master of Education in Distance Education (MEd) program in Greece.  NARIC is the National Academic Recognition Information Centre and is the National Agency for the recognition and comparison of international qualifications and skills.

Since the MEd is now fully accredited and equal to all other Master’s Degrees issued by Greek universities, it provides a competitive edge for the CDE in both Greek and European markets. It is also the only English language Master’s Degree offered fully at a distance in Greece.  Due to the high profile of AU, graduates from this program can gain public and private employment, in addition to receiving promotions anywhere in Europe without having to obtain further accreditation for their degree.

Over the last few weeks, the first two students from this accredited MEd degree have graduated!  Big congratulations go out to Thalia Vasiliadou and Natalia Antonopoulou on this great accomplishment.

For more information on the Master of Education in Distance Education, please visit CDE.


Thalia Vaisiliadou

Thalia Vaisiliadou

Natalia Antonopoulou

Natalia Antonopoulou

In collaboration with the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, Athabasca University offers the Master of Education in Distance Education (MEd) to residents of Greece and other Eastern European countries.  This provides accessible, graduate-level programming to private and public sector professionals through an entirely online program, allowing students to conveniently study wherever they work and live.

The MEd in Distance Education program is recognized by DOATAP – Hellenic NARIC and therefore is accredited throughout the European Union. It is aimed at practitioners and teachers in various disciplines who are interested in the use of new educational technologies, online course development and implementation, and the design of distance education and training programs.

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