Information on tuition refunds for some students

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Some Athabasca University students will be getting a refund of part of the tuition paid for courses beginning in September.

Bill 3, which was passed by the Alberta legislature earlier this summer, has frozen tuition at 2014/15 levels for Alberta students, and has also reversed a number of fee increases for the same group. As a result, AU will be issuing partial refunds to some students.

Undergraduate srefundtudents who reside in Alberta and who registered prior to July 8th for courses beginning in September or later will receive $13 per three-credit course. Students who registered after July 8th were charged the new tuition rates and are not eligible for refunds.

Graduate students who registered prior to July 8th for courses beginning in September or later will receive a refund of between $30 and $150 depending on their program.

AU will begin processing the refunds over the next two weeks. Students who paid by credit card will have their refund issued to that card. All others will be receiving their refunds by cheque.

If you are anticipating a refund, and haven’t received it by the end of September, please contact Alex Chang at 780-675-6119 or




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