The summer Journal of Integrated Studies issue is out!

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The latest issue of the Journal of Integrated Studies has just been published!

Lisa Hague “Interweave” (2010)

Work by students in every issue includes articles, poetry, book reviews and for this issue, a graduate student’s reflection on the cover artwork (left), which is a piece from the AU art collection by Libby Hague.

Changes in the Journal of Integrated Studies

Our “About Publishing” project has also officially been launched. Each issue of the Journal of Integrated Studies will feature an editorial by an AU professor on some aspect of the academic publishing process. This first one is by Dr. Meenal Shrivastava where she talks about her work as the editor of the prestigious Politikon: South African Journal of Political Studies (2007-2010).

These guest editorials allow professors to share their writing and publishing experiences in order to inspire and support our students as they too pursue academic publishing. We will be featuring Dr. Mark McCutcheon in our next issue, and Dr. Lorna Stefanick has recently submitted a piece to us as well.

Graduate students submit articles, narratives and poetry,  book reviews and artwork to the Journal. This edition has a number of interesting pieces:


Going Forward with Social Mobilisation: Occupy Wall Street and the Lessons of the 19th Century Oppositional Movements by Ryan Dexter

The Effects of Section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms on Shaping Official Language Minority Community Educational Rights: A Case Study of the Francophone Minority Community in Alberta by Joshua McKeown

Mnajdra: Cosmology of the Sky by Irene Friesen Wolfstone

Idioms of an Ecological Self by Rachelle Marie Chinnery

Becoming the Self: Personal Development in the context of therapeutic/transformational writing by Bradley Justin David Bell

Narratives and Poetry

Through-the-Mirror Reflective Practice by Patti McClocklin

Caught by Sharon Burdette

Poems of Re-connection by Lisa M. Randall

The Gift by Sharon Burdette

If Healed by Carolyn Grisold

Moving Poems by Lisa Schultz

Book Review

The Gift of Fear – A Book Review by C. Taylor


Review of Libby Hague’s Interweave by Harmony Rain

Please get in touch if you’re an AU professor and would like to be a part of this project and share your experiences.

Enjoy, and if you are a graduate student, please continue to submit work to us (e.g. reworked course papers or final projects; narratives; book reviews; artwork) and/or join us in a variety of volunteer roles. We accept work by any graduate student nationally or internationally as long as the focus fits with the MA-IS program. MA-IS students and select other AU graduate students may volunteer with us.

Write on!

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