Keep Your Property Safe During Exams

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Exam 3After recent break-ins and subsequent incidents of theft at Bow Valley College (where our Calgary office is located), it’s important to keep the safety of your valuables top-of-mind come exam time.

“When it comes to exam writing at one of our AU locations, we work hard to provide an appropriate and safe environment for students,” says Karen Thompson, director, Learner Support Services.

“Students can help by leaving valuables and personal belongings at home or by bringing a lock to secure them in a locker while they write.”

If you’re a student who intends to write an exam at any of our three Alberta locations—note these important tips and reminders to keep your belongings safe and secure.

What’s NOT Allowed in the Exam Room:

  1. As a rule, personal belongings are not permitted in the exam room with you (the exception is your identification which you can keep on your person).
  1. There are a limited number of lockers in each location so try not to bring any valuables with you to store away before entering the room. Further, lockers can be secured but it’s up to you to bring a lock.
  1. Leave behind:
  • Cell Phone
  • Textbook (if it’s not an open-book)
  • Jackets (and/or extra clothing you’re not wearing)
  • Purses, bags etc.

What IS Allowed in the Exam Room:

  • Textbooks (only if it’s an open-book exam)
  • Only those items identified in the exam instructions (i.e. calculator/dictionary)

What if the Exam is Online?

Bring only those items identified in the exam instructions (i.e. dictionary).

AU is NOT responsible for any lost or stolen items; staff at any of the locations won’t ‘look after’ your valuables for you—so the onus is on you to find a way to secure your own property. Should you choose to bring your valuables with you, it’s at your own risk.

For more information on how you can keep your belongings safe during exam time, please visit