Knowledge without Boundaries

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Knowledge without Boundaries FGS AU Conference Athabasca University
Once again, on October 28th, Athabasca University’s Faculty of Graduate Studies and Athabasca University Graduate Students’ Association are working together to offer graduate students an opportunity to share their research on-line. Abstracts for paper and short poster presentations will be peer-reviewed before acceptance. Take this opportunity to improve your presentation skills before you submit to a national or international event!

Scholarly support

Showcasing the theme of Knowledge without Boundaries, graduate students, both masters and doctoral, and faculty members, will present their research. This year’s event will be held virtually — a platform on which students can equally benefit by receiving critical feedback of their work in a “supportive yet scholarly environment of colleagues and faculty members.”

Further, says Ross Tyson, executive director, AUGSA, students can then transfer this presentation experience directly to their resumes.

According to the Conference website, the event’s objectives are to:

  • advance AU’s role as a global leader in accessible graduate education
  • promote excellence in graduate education
  • support diversity, equity, fairness, and ethical conduct in graduate education
  • create a graduate education that combines scholarship, research, and creative work
  • foster a stimulating and challenging environment for faculty and students that promotes innovation

“We want to emphasize innovation and creativity in doing research, and that you don’t necessarily have to do research within your own discipline,” says Dr. Pamela Hawranik, dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Hawranik will lead the conference Saturday morning with opening remarks, followed by an address by AUGSA’s newest president, Jamie Czerwinski on the importance of sharing graduate research amongst post-secondary peers.

Important Dates for Knowledge without Boundaries

September 24, 2017: Abstract submission deadline
October 15: Registration deadline
October 28: Research without Boundaries online conference

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