Learning to Learn Online Starts March 6

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Learning to Learn Online: A five-week, online course—and it’s free!

The Learning to Learn Online experience will actually help you become a better online learner! Anyone can register, regardless of experience, education, age, gender or location. The course is designed to be fun and engaging.

What is it?

Participants will essentially learn how they learn. By understanding their learning preferences, they can identify potential adjustments to their learning habits.  This will help with online learning.

So, whether you are already an online learner, just starting out, or even just thinking about it, you will benefit from Learning to Learn Online.

No pressure

The great thing about this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is that there is choice and flexibility with respect to what you learn and how much you wish to participate.

On the other hand, there is an option to earn a Certificate of Completion if you successfully complete the course quizzes. There are also activities throughout the course that serve as basic self-assessments, along with others that will facilitate further exploration of topics.

People may also choose to complete an online learning passport which is a simple, but effective, personal strategy for becoming a successful online learner.

Catch the wave – get online!! Learning to Learn Online starts on March 6!

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