Realistic Resolutions (Part II)

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Earlier this year we asked you to help us understand the New Year’s resolutions AU students and supporters share. As you’ll remember, we had 6 of our realistic resolutions to help you make 2017 the Year of You…but we wanted to hear from you!

6 realistic resolutions

‘This year I resolve to…’

‘Work towards a rounded education’

Naturally, many suggestions were education-based and we completely hear you! Working towards a degree can be tough work and we love the thought the flexibility and openness AU gears itself towards is help you achieve your goals…in 2017 and beyond.

Graduate and work more!

Luckily AU is the right place for this! We don’t only promote access to education for all; we endorse it through our flexibility and openness.

‘Be Better’

Well this one is a given, but what does it really mean? Simple things can translate into quick or long-term wins. For instance, instead of avoiding studying by watching yet another episode of your latest binge-worthy comedy, or commenting on Instagram posts, why not read something for yourself. Gets the mind flowing, kicks in the creativity…and it’s all learning. So: better. Strive to do something better each day, whether that’s reading a chapter, taking some quiet time to yourself to simply be, or even just to engage in a though-provoking conversation will make you a better you!

Get Motivated Realistic Resolutions Athabasca University #AthaU AU #MotivationMonday Resolutions New Year's Happy New Year Inpsiration Les Brown C.S. Lewis Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn

The highway of life gets going pretty fast sometimes, especially if you’re an online student. Work. Course Work. Kids. Dinner. Work. Course Work. Kids. Kids. Sleep. Me Time.

It’s hard to stay on track. While they’re only words, we’re trying…each and every Monday we bring you a piece of wisdom. A quote. An inspiration. A piece of #MondayMotivation to help you keep you on track!

But the motivation comes from many places. We are always looking for great wisdom that keeps you on track. Share it with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to keep connected.

Last but not least

A New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to be revolutionary to be effective. Indeed, New Year, New You isn’t about dramatic changes that alter everything, just focus on one thing and keep moving forward. We know we’ll be better from it. We think you’ll be better for it.

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