Retired AU Academic Showcases Pottery Exhibit in Library

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A13.07-250.001 Kathy and Lorris Williams -

Pottery artists Kathy Williams and husband Lorris. Photo Credit: Athabasca University Archives

The Athabasca University Art Committee would like to invite staff in Athabasca to drop by the AU library to see the Kathy Williams pottery exhibit in the display cabinet just inside the library’s entrance.

The exhibit was put together in recognition of Kathy’s contribution to the AU community. In 2014, she retired from AU after 39 years as a tutor and academic.  She was a member of the AU Art Committee from 2009 to 2014 and chair from 2010 to 2014.

This exhibit of Beaver Flats Pottery (from AU’s Bente Roed Collection) presents clay works by Kathy and her husband, Lorris. Both were production potters, specializing in functional ceramics. Kathy specialized in slab-ware and pot decoration.

The exhibition will be on display through the end of June.

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