Schmidt: A long, bright road ahead for Athabasca University

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Alberta Advanced Education Minister Marlin Schmidt spoke to graduates at Convocation 2016 on June 9, 2016.

Alberta Advanced Education Minister Marlin Schmidt spoke to graduates at Convocation 2016 on June 9, and had some very nice things to say about AU. Here’s the text of his speech:

Greetings from Minister Marlin Schmidt

It’s an honour to join you on such a special occasion.

I want to begin by congratulating tonight’s distinguished honourees: Dr. Antonio D’Alfonso and Dr. Terry Anderson.

Your commitment to lifelong learning and your efforts to enhance the social fabric of our province and our country are honoured in these prestigious awards.

Leaders such as yourselves inspire people across our communities and I’m equally as inspired by the class of 2016.

Congratulations to our graduates for reaching this important milestone!

Your graduation marks the closing of one chapter in your lives and the beginning of a new chapter that has the potential to be even greater.

All of us here today are proud of your achievements and we’re excited for your bright futures.

Your education at Athabasca University will provide you with a strong foundation to build from and build upon.

Alberta Advanced Education Minister Marlin Schmidt in AU Jacket

Minister Schmidt donning his sporty AU windbreaker at the Athabasca Regional Multiplex, June 9, for AU’s 40th Convocation ceremonies in Athabasca, Alberta. [photo credit: Pamela Walsh]

It’ll help guide you through challenging times and it’ll empower you to reach your greatest potential.

Graduates from Athabasca University are making a tremendous impact in their fields.

You’ll now carry the strong reputation Athabasca holds as a worldwide leader in distance education – a record that you, and all Albertans should be incredibly proud of.

Athabasca graduates are achieving great successes in their careers and they’re making important contributions to help strengthen their communities.

I firmly believe the class of 2016 will add to this legacy and I encourage all of you to use your education to forge your own future and help shape your community’s future.

It’s our fundamental belief that when people have the opportunity to learn, they’re empowered to make their lives better.

That’s why it’s more critical now than ever that our government is making the choice to invest in you.

We’re keeping our promise to provide stable funding and fully funding a tuition freeze for a second year.

Most importantly, that also means we’re committed to a long, bright road ahead for Athabasca University.

It’s our priority to ensure future Athabasca graduates – just as yourselves – are empowered to make Alberta stronger.

Graduates, the future of our world rests in the hands of hard working and talented people such as you.

Seeing you succeed gives me tremendous pride and great hope for our collective future.

I wish you all the very best, and once again, congratulations!

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