University launches free course on municipal law

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Athabasca University is excited to announce the launch of LGST 479 “Local Government Law in Alberta”, which will be made available, free of charge, to anyone wishing to learn more about how the law applies to the governance of cities, towns and municipalities in the province.
The course will be available through AU's innovative Open Courseware site.

“'Local Government Law in Alberta' will be of interest to anyone who's looking for a strong foundation of knowledge of the legal principles that underpin local government and would be useful for municipal councilors and officials and anyone who works with municipalities,” says Dr. Frits Pannekoek, President of Athabasca University.

Pannekoek says the course can be seen as a MOOC, available free for self-study but offering no tutorial support except for those students who opt to pay tuition and obtain credit for the course.

Local Government Law in Alberta was written by a leading Alberta legal practitioner in the field of municipal law and contains numerous links to court decisions and other relevant documents.

The course is available online here.

For more information, contact:

John O'Brien
Manager, Media Relations
Athabasca University
403-990-1131 (cell)


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