Upcoming Banner Upgrade

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Banner Upgrade

Beginning on Friday, August 12th, 2016, Athabasca University’s Banner student information system will be undergoing a temporary background upgrade that will greatly enhance the current system.

Current and prospective AU students will see nothing different on their Banner system. However, some services will be temporarily unavailable.

What the Banner upgrade means to current  and prospective AU students

While you will have full access to your courses and all your materials, you will briefly be unable to see your grades, to drop a course, book an exam, register for a new course, become a new student, submit a payment or update your current student record (address change or change your email contact).

The great news is that the upgrade will allow AU to deliver more responsive, efficient and streamlined services to students once completed on Monday, August 15th.

We have created a list of questions that will help you understand the features of our background Banner upgrade.

What is Banner and why is it vital for AU student success?

Banner is our Student Information System. It is one of the most widely used Student Information System software products in North America. This administrative system is used by the Office of the Registrar and contains information about the courses a student has enrolled in, the payments made, the marks achieved, student transcripts, and student contact information. Banner includes a Finance component that among other things generates the student T2202A tax credit certificate. Banner information is also the means to identify you when you log into MyAU.

What is this upgrade for?

The Banner upgrade is necessary to enable us to accomplish two things. First, we want to ensure that we remain on a vendor-supported version of the Student Information System. Secondly, we want to integrate our Banner Student Information System with our Banner Finance and Human Resource Systems — so moving from 2 current systems down to 1. This will ultimately allow AU to streamline internal processes and be more responsive in serving students.

How will it help me as a student?

By moving to the vendor’s current version release, we can continue to apply critical vendor updates to Banner. Ultimately, by streamlining our internal processes, the upgrade positions AU to focus more internal resources on delivering new applications and services to students, and away from managing multiple internal systems.

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