U.S. Election Notebook #8: Approval and Disapproval

White House Barack Obama Graph

In the eighth of a series entitled U.S. Election Notebook, Athabasca University professor Paul Kellogg explores the thesis, that Donald Trump’s campaign represents a backlash against the presence, for eight years, of an African-American president in the White House. In the seventh of the series entitled Glass ceilings and backlash, Dr. Kellogg examined the sexism frequently directed … [Read more...]

U.S. Election Notebook #4: Birther Origins

June 19, 2009 – Bumper stickers on the tailgate of a Maryland pickup truck. Donald Trump. Birth Certificate. Hillary Clinton. ( Wikimedia Commons).

In the fourth of a series entitled U.S. Election Notebook, Athabasca University professor Paul Kellogg looks at the ‘birther’ roots of Donald Trump’s political career. Read the third in the series, which suggests that Donald Trump’s extremist rhetoric cannot be dismissed as just ‘misspeaking’. Playing with racially-charged, factually baseless issues has defined Trump’s entire … [Read more...]