Presence in online environments in China

Marti Cleveland Innes China

On June 14th, 2016, Dr. Marti Cleveland-Innes of the Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University presented, via AdobeConnect, to instructors studying teaching at the Open University of China. With the assistance of Dr. Xiaoying Feng, who offered translation and discussion support, Dr. Cleveland-Innes provided a detailed review of presence in online environments. Open … [Read more...]

Resourceful Performance: A Distinguished Alumnus proves e-learning goes the distance

His successful career began with a balancing act. Hanny Alshazly had to learn the art of juggling his Athabasca University education alongside his fast-moving work and family life. Since graduating from AU in 2012, he’s finessed that flexibility further - having now added time zones to the performance. He says AU gifted him that skill. “I have switched jobs three … [Read more...]

AU Course MDDE 651: Gender Issues in Distance Education

This Winter 2016, the Centre for Distance Education will be offering the course MDDE 651:Gender Issues in Distance Education, taught by CDE Instructor Dr. Erin Graham. Erin brings a unique vision to this course, having been a feminist activist, anti-violence organizer and front-line worker for many years. Women’s liberation is a cause that is near to her heart and mind, and she … [Read more...]