Study aids: do they help or harm?

As a student, you’ll probably take all the help you can to achieve great grades. And if it fits within the course or institution rules, why not? Being an online university, we appreciate that information travels at the speed of light via the web, however, unethical information and content also has the ability to move without barriers and, often times, this is where the trouble … [Read more...]

Plagiarism exists at every university – even online. Take these tips to keep yourself fraud-free.

Plagiarism Exists at Every University – Even Online. Review these Tips to Keep Yourself Fraud-Free. In today's increasingly online world, there are many social media sites popping up that purport to provide "homework help" or "study resources" for students. Beware. They’re really a front for fraud—the soliciting of students by a contracting party to provide assignment answers in … [Read more...]