U.S. Election Notebook #9: Locking up the vote

In Glass ceilings and backlash, Athabasca University  Professor Paul Kellogg examined the shocking sexism frequently directed against presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In our ninth of a series entitled U.S. Election Notebook, Kellogg looks at mass incarceration and its implications for U.S. electoral politics. Trends Donald Trump’s support amongst African-Americans is at … [Read more...]

U.S. Election Notebook #8: Approval and Disapproval

White House Barack Obama Graph

In the eighth of a series entitled U.S. Election Notebook, Athabasca University professor Paul Kellogg explores the thesis, that Donald Trump’s campaign represents a backlash against the presence, for eight years, of an African-American president in the White House. In the seventh of the series entitled Glass ceilings and backlash, Dr. Kellogg examined the sexism frequently directed … [Read more...]