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Transforming Lives: Learners at AU

Lynn Healey: AU helped ‘revitalize’ my career in health care

By: Lynn Healey (Bachelor of Health Administration ’21)

Transforming Lives: Learners at AU is a testimonial series written by AU learners and alumni who want to share how AU helped shape their lives.

It’s a space for the people who have provided support and encouragement throughout their journey. It’s also a forum for sharing how AU is helping them achieve their educational goals and realize their future potential. Their stories are worth shouting from the rooftops! Have an inspiring story of your own to share? Email us! We’d love to hear it.

Nurses have flexibility to shift their careers in many different directions. After 30 years of nursing, I was looking for a leadership role in one of the largest community hospitals in Canada, a move that would require further education. But at age 51, going back to school for the first time in 31 years was scary. 

When I graduated from nursing school in 1986, there was no such thing as APA citation, or online education. Many of my colleagues recommended AU because they knew I wanted a flexible degree program that broadened my knowledge of health care; the Bachelor of Health Administration program did exactly that. With the blessing of my friends and family, I started my education journey at AU.  

It took some time to adjust to ebooks, writing essays, and doing research for my next paper. Learning the format of online learning was also difficult, but I appreciated the freedom to learn at my own pace.  

“There were a few tears shed when I tackled a few of the more difficult courses. But perseverance and determination prevailed. ”

– Lynn Healey

I soon learned the Health Administration program offers a good mixture of courses that are applicable to my job. I could relate to a lot of content and apply it right away at work. I enjoyed the flexibility of choosing how quickly or slowly to complete the courses. With a busy work schedule and family commitments, this allowed me to set my own pace.  

The instructors at AU are great, too. They are willing to spend time with each student to help them through the courses. Their support adjusts to the amount of assistance that each student requires. For some courses, I needed very little support, while for others I needed to contact them every couple of weeks.  

I also had the luxury of a supportive team at work. I had several cheerleaders in my corner who made sure I stayed on track and never gave up. I am not going to lie: it wasn’t easy at times. There were a few tears shed when I tackled a few of the more difficult courses. But perseverance and determination prevailed.  

My family was very supportive of my studies. They knew that when I went upstairs at 7 p.m., it was time to study. It became my routine. I spent most of my study time in a big cozy recliner. With the TV humming faintly in the background and my dog at my feet, I read my text books and worked on my notes. Now that I have completed my degree, I find myself a little out of sorts trying to figure out how to spend my free time. 

I graduated with distinction in June 2021. I now apply knowledge I learned in the program to my day-to-day work. I am now manager of health informatics in the same hospital I have worked at for the last 35 years. At 56, I feel revitalized and ready to share everything I have learned with my team. 

I am proud of my accomplishments and I would highly recommend AU to anyone, of any age, considering an undergraduate program. Thank you, AU! 


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Lynn Healey is a registered nurse by profession and has been employed at William Osler Health Centre for the past 36 years. Lynn’s current position is the Manager of Health Informatics and she leads a group of eight informatics staff in new-hire computer training and project implementation. A large part of Lynn‘s team’s work focuses on quality improvement initiatives and works with the clinical staff to improve the accuracy and completeness of nursing documentation. Lynn currently resides in Brampton, Ont., with her husband, her two sons, and her dog Cali.

  • December 10, 2021
Guest Blog from:
Lynn Healey (Bachelor of Health Administration ’21)