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Study Tips for a New AU Student

By enrolling into an online course with Athabasca University, not only are you pursuing a journey that will enhance your skill set and offer you more personal and career opportunities, it can invigorate your mind in many ways.

Whether you’re considering a graduate program through AU, launching an undergrad degree, or simply embarking on a life-enriching course you’ve always been fascinated by, make sure you’re ready. Ask our students, the courses are demanding and require perseverance and commitment.

Here are some vital study tips to put you on the right track.

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Choose Wisely

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Whether you’re considering a graduate program through AU, beginning an undergrad degree, or simply embarking on a life-enriching course you’ve always been interested in, be sure to be selective about what you choose and when you begin your journey.

Many of our students balance their educational pursuits with their current work, and undoubtedly, this takes discipline and determination. Of course, we think you have what it takes!

Do you need advice on course and program planning? We can help!

Connect with your tutor as soon as possible

It’s important to introduce yourself to your tutor and get your learning started on the right foot.

If you know what they want, you know how to pursue your studies and balance your time, right? Your tutor is your first step to the inside track – utilize their skills; pick their brains.

Create a schedule

Everyone is busy but your personal growth is vital. By giving yourself a schedule that maps out the entire course with key dates highlighted, there won’t be any surprises. The courses will be challenging, so the last thing you need are speed bumps.

Next, you’ll want to break this down further – into 2-week chunks of time based on your more current schedule. It’s time to micromanage yourself.

Pro tip: schedule interactions with your tutor according to your schedule. Base this off of readings, assignments and exams and be sure to align this with their office hours, when possible.

Make yourself available for webinars and extra-learning opportunities

Ranging from how to research properly, citation tools, library services, and more, webinars are an important tool to harness in your learning.

Being sure that you have access to everything AU offers is a key aspect of ensuring success. Stay tuned to Twitter, Facebook and to the blog for webinar announcements.

Maximize your work space

In order to fully succeed – especially when your time is so valuable – is to ensure that your workspace is fit for learning in comfort.

What does this mean? Number one is cleanliness and good lighting. Ultimately we all know how achieve this, but just like online learning itself, this takes discipline.

A good chair is vital – you have to be prepared to sit for extended periods. That said, no matter how amazing the chair, be sure to give your body and mind breaks. In fact, why not try working for 90-minute spurts and taking a break?

Immerse yourself

Learning doesn’t stop at the course materials. Investing in learning means having an open mind to all types of learning.

Why not watch a documentary on the area you’re studying? There are plenty of amazing podcasts out there that both engage the mind and may get you thinking in the course you’re taking. In our technological era, there are so many new opportunities for enhanced learning.

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  • February 5, 2016