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Ten reasons to give

Giving is good!

At Athabasca University, we get the opportunity to witness how small donations can quickly add up to make big differences in the lives of AU learners.

That’s why we’re launching The Power of 10, an initiative to feature the impact smaller recurring monthly donations can have on AU learners who need a little financial support to help them reach their educational goals.

In the time of COVID-19, now more than ever we know that many of our learners need help. Earlier this year, we were able to give out 134 bursaries of $1,000 each to AU learners who were struggling with the financial side of their post-secondary education.

The Power of 10 speaks to the transformative power of small acts of kindness adding up to one big impact. With a monthly donation of $10, you have the power to stop the burden of debt facing a growing number of AU learners.

Your gift, combined with nine others, will help a learner take that next course, or upgrade their technology to meet the demands of digital learning, or simply support their basic living costs while they invest time in their education.

It’s the power of community coming together to meet an immediate need, which in turn, can transform a life through its kindness.

David Letterman Top Ten

In recognition of The Power of 10, here are 10 great reasons to consider giving a gift to support AU learners.

1. Giving is an expression of gratitude

Giving allows you to show gratitude for your opportunities, good fortune, or perhaps a helping hand when you needed it most. Studies have shown that gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving. Showing gratitude increases mental health by reducing negative thoughts, resulting in increased happiness, improved self-esteem, and lowered depression.

2. Giving feels good

Put simply, giving just feels good. And it’s backed by science! The Charities Aid Foundation reports that giving to others without expecting or getting anything in return makes you feel happier and more fulfilled.

3. You may qualify for a tax break

There are financial benefits to giving. In Canada, donations are tax-deductible under the Charitable Donations Tax Credit. Donors can claim up to 33 per cent of the donation at the federal level. In some provinces, donors can claim up to an additional 24 per cent of the donation.

4. Giving is contagious—in a good way!

Giving can inspire more giving. Have you ever paid it forward and sparked others to do the same? The AU learners you support today may become AU donors who support tomorrow’s learners.

5. AU provides a high-quality, practical education

We know that 95 per cent of AU grads would recommend AU to others, and that 90 per cent of grads land jobs related to their field of study. Your gift can help AU learners advance their careers and reach their goals.

6. The need is increasing

We’re seeing an increase in AU learners needing funding. With 44.5 per cent of our full-time learners needing funding, which is more than the national average of 40 per cent, we know more support is needed.

7. AU learners have dependents

Nearly half of all AU graduates (49 per cent) have reported supporting dependents during their period of study. While being an inspiration to your kids can be a strong motivator, it takes more than inspiration to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

8. COVID-19 has presented additional challenges

Three quarters of Canadian post-secondary students say the COVID-19 global pandemic will have a lasting impact on their own financial situation beyond 2020, according to the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations. Your gift can help make a difference in these difficult times.

9. Debt can hold back AU graduates

Half of Canadian post-secondary students have debt, and the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations reports the average debt of students graduating with an undergraduate degree is $26,000. It takes many learners years to pay off their student loans; a gift now can make a significant impact.

10. AU graduates are building a better life

AU prides itself on being open and flexible, allowing people to get a university education even if their life circumstances mean they wouldn’t be able to attend a bricks-and-mortar university. One way we know we’re accomplishing this is that approximately 70 per cent of our graduates are the first in their family to earn a university degree. Education is empowering them to transform their lives, and the lives of those around them—and your gift can help make that happen.

Give today!

Like many other institutions of higher learning, Athabasca University is largely dependent on the charitable giving of others to expand our offerings. We invest in technology and people in an effort to bring education to busy professionals. Our students receive relevant, focused courses that they can immediately incorporate into their daily work.

To learn more about how you can help, visit:

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  • December 1, 2020
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