The Hub AWS Educate: What is the benefit for you?

AWS Educate: What is the benefit for you?

You may recall the big news about Athabasca University being the first Canadian post-secondary institution to officially collaborate with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and you might be wondering what it actually means for you as an AU student.

In short, it could mean anything and everything—that’s the beauty of this collaboration. AU learners now have access to all that AWS Educate has to offer, including $75 in AWS Educate usage credits to help get you started exploring the possibilities of innovation.

With AWS Educate, AU learners have access to:

  • career pathways that develop and test your cloud knowledge with the ability to achieve badges, certifications, and micro-credentials;
  • online labs to develop hands-on skills and experience utilizing the multitude of AWS services available;
  • AWS training content; and
  • job posts from top companies on the AWS Educate job board

Ready to get started?

AWS Educate has built a custom application page for AU students, you can apply by using your AU email address (your personal email will not work). Please note that because this platform is only available to AU students it may take up to 48 hours for your account to be activated.

If you have not activated your AU email account you can follow the instructions here to set it up.

No matter what you are studying, AWS Educate has endless opportunities to explore. How you—as an AU learner—decide to explore those opportunities is entirely up to you!

Have a few more questions?

You can find additional resources to help get you started on any of these pages:

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  • May 2, 2019