The Hub Learning to learn online reaches 70 countries

Learning to learn online reaches 70 countries

More than 1500 students and educators from 79 countries participated in Learning to Learn Online (LTLO).

A free five-week, self-paced online course offered by Contact North | Contact Nord and Athabasca University that helps students become more successful learners online.

In 2,500 discussion posts, participants engaged about how they learn, shared their thoughts and feelings about online learning, reflected on the technologies they use to learn online, identified common misconceptions, and exchanged tips and strategies to transition and adapt to online learning

90.7% of the participants are more committed to lifelong learning and 95.9% have more confidence in tech-supported learning.

According to Dr. Marti Cleveland-Innes, course instructor, “LTLO is designed as an inquiry-based massive open online course (MOOC). Participants engage in critical reflection and meta-cognition throughout this development journey. Using sound distance education pedagogy, participants are engaged and supported throughout the experience”. Dr. Cleveland-Innes is a professor and program director at Athabasca University where she is heavily involved in the research and practice of blended and online teaching and learning.

“The participants in this course were a mix of both students and teachers who had to quickly pivot to online learning and were interested in learning how online education differs from the traditional classroom and how to build strategies for student success,” shares Sarah Gauvreau, course facilitator and research associate at Contact North | Contact Nord. “We guided the participants through an interactive self-reflection process and helped them create their own personal strategy for successful online learning,” adds Sarah Gauvreau.

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  • November 10, 2020