The Hub New Course: History/Global Studies 208: The World to 1500

New Course: History/Global Studies 208: The World to 1500

The Greeks and Aztecs were some of the ancient cultures whose practices formed the pillars of so many modern systems we use today. Identifying global constants, while also learning about the contrasts, helps to clarify the larger patterns of the world and make sense of the past.

The new course History/Global Studies 208 gives learners an overview of the world’s various cultures and civilizations that still shape who we are. It looks at the major causes that resulted in change and the features which remain the same.

A course for many

The course was designed as an introduction to global history, and the study of history more generally. It is recommended for first-year learners, those considering a major or minor in History and Global Studies, learners looking to earn their humanities-discipline credit, and others who are seeking to increase their knowledge about other parts of the world and gain greater global-cultural competency.

Additional components

Through a variety of exercises learners will gain experience in how to: take notes, cite sources, read historical writing, view documentary films, and how to succeed in writing written assignments for history or other humanities courses.

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History/Global Studies 208 is a three-credit course with no prerequisite and is listed under two different disciplines.

  • December 7, 2020
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