The Hub Scholarships?


A huge question many students have is about scholarships that are available for Athabasca University learners.

Funding is a top concern for a lot of learners. Whether you receive top grades, are working hard to balance academics with family, career, and community roles, or have financial need – Athabasca University (AU) has a Student Awards Program that could potentially benefit you.

Did you know – we have a form that will help you determine which awards you’re eligible for? Click here for this form.

There is a deadline of October 15, 2019 coming up for a number of awards, so have a look here for more information on awards you may qualify for.

AU also offers bursaries that are intended to help those students who need it most and we strive to remove the barriers of income level in part by providing, and encouraging support for, student financial bursaries. Find out more about this program by clicking here.


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  • September 25, 2019