The Hub Since money doesn’t grow on trees … let us help give you some

Since money doesn’t grow on trees … let us help give you some

Have you ever considered applying for an AU student award, scholarship, or bursary?

Athabasca University has numerous student awards that it sure would like to put in students’ hands.

Why not make them your hands? Let’s get you started.

What can you apply for? What are the deadlines? Is the process complicated?

Athabasca University’s (AU) Student Award Finder is a quick way to get started. Fill out a short questionnaire that helps to weed out the awards, scholarships, and bursaries that aren’t a good fit and leaves you with a long list of all the ones you should apply for … like right NOW!

What if you happen to already know what awards you qualify for and just need a list to narrow down your options? We can help with that, too! AU’s Awards List is in alphabetical order for you to scroll though and easily identify deadlines and application expectations.

A Categorized Awards List based on undergrad, masters, or doctoral-student status, can also be used during your hunt for educational financial support.

If you need financial assistance to complete your undergrad or graduate studies, the intent of AU bursaries is to help students who need it most.

Search the AU bursary list, and follow the specified application process notes in each bursary description you’re interested in.

Athabasca University understands the need for affordability and accessibility to financial resources in support of your education.

The University’s committed financial aid team is ready to help you navigate the financial aid processes and identify loans, awards, grants, and other planning tools that will put your academic goals in line with your budget.

At AU, we want to help you succeed.

Apply for an award, bursary, or scholarship today!

and don't forget!

The Athabasca University Students’ Union and the Athabasca University Graduate Students’ Association also have various awards available.

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  • September 27, 2018