The Hub Star Party!

Star Party!

Join Athabasca University for an evening of art and stars for our first-ever Star Party!


Enjoy guided tours featuring artwork from one of Athabasca’s local artists, Pirkko Karvonen. Gain an appreciation of the night sky by participating in telescope viewing of planets and constellations. Telescopes will be available on-site for viewing the night sky but feel free to bring your own. An amateur astronomer will be in attendance hosting a telescope workshop where you can learn how to use a telescope or ensure your telescope is in top working order.

And more!

Witness nocturnal life firsthand on a guided nature walk. Learn to capture the evening’s beauty at a night photography session. Stay and enjoy some fun activities for the kids!

September 15, 2018

6:00 – 8:00 PM: Art walk and local artist recognition celebration

8:00 – 11:00 PM: Star Party & Night Sky viewing

Why attend?

  1. There is a great lineup of planets (bright ones are Jupiter, Mars, Saturn) and the Moon to see September 15
  2. We are usually lucky with clear weather in September
  3. Last year on September  15 I saw my best aurora EVER
  4. It is the “National Star Party” with events across Canada
  5. Athabasca is a great location due to dark skies
  6. We will invite you to bring your own telescope so you can see even more planets, double stars, nebulas, galaxies
  7. Mosquitoes should be gone by then
  8. Still usually warmish evenings (but one should dress warmly anyway)
  9. You can view Pluto and decide if it really is a planet
  10. With a telescope, you can see Uranus (and Neptune)

Martin Connors directs aurora observations and a robotic telescope in the dark skies of Athabasca County. He teaches astronomy online for Athabasca University. Strangely, he claims that one can find enlightenment in dark!

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  • August 21, 2018