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Top memories from the Class of 2022

We asked graduates to share some of their favourite memories from their online studies

As we get closer to celebrating Athabasca University’s (AU) Class of 2022 at this year’s convocation ceremony, we know that many graduates are celebrating their achievements and looking toward the future.

We asked graduates to take a walk down memory lane and share some of their favourite memories from their program. Here’s what they said:

What gave you a feeling of accomplishment?

“Honestly, probably submitting my first assignment after being out of school for nearly 20 years and waiting for my grade. I was so happy when I passed that assignment! It was just the beginning of submitting my assignments and anxiously waiting for my marks!”

Melissa Putzi, Bachelor of Arts

“Receiving my first grade. It reinforced that I was still able to do schoolwork and do it well.”

—Shauna Getz, Bachelor of Human Resources and Labour Relations

“Writing my e-portfolio. It was a hectic exercise with lots of rewrites, but it allowed me to relive the experiences I had when I took some courses and how I was able to cope.”

Hannah O. Akindele, Master of Education in Open, Digital, and Distance Education

“I had failed a quiz at the beginning of a course, and it ended up … resulting in me failing the course. I spoke to Dr. J. Thomas Dalby, and he helped me. He looked at my situation and supported me to be successful. It was because of his support that I was able to move on, and I cannot thank him enough. This helped me as a person and assisted me in completing my degree.”

Brianna Barr, Bachelor of Professional Arts

“Writing my final capstone project, which showed me how far I have come and what I learned, especially about myself.”

Brandi Mills, Bachelor of Professional Arts

“Learning that the short story I wrote as an assignment for a graduate seminar in the Master of Arts Interdisciplinary (MA-IS) program was accepted for publication in the journal Coffin Bell. I had never pursued publication of my creative writing outside of the school magazine, so this news was unexpected and exciting. I felt the same way when 3 of my papers produced during the program were accepted for publication, 2 in academic journals and 1 as a chapter in an upcoming book. I had not expected to publish my academic work during the MA-IS program.”

Jennifer Bertrand, Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

“One thing I will never forget about AU is reading the positive feedback and comments on my papers from a specific professor, Dr. Michael Welton. He made me feel that hard work pays off, and he appreciated my efforts.”

Layal Haymour, Bachelor of General Studies

“The ‘aha’ moments in different courses.”

Jackie Pinder, Master of Nursing

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Tell us about a favourite moment collaborating with others

“My favourite moment is the teamwork and the virtual meetings. I enjoyed the energy and the experience of the diverse individual in the room. I learned quite a lot.”

Kingsley Onuorah, Master of Business Administration

“My favourite memory is interacting with fellow students who were taking the same courses as I was. I felt a sense of camaraderie, which had given me the sense of being on campus with them.”

Petra Adrienne Laptiste, Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

“My favourite memory, hands down, was working on all the group projects. In the middle of a pandemic, I met and chatted online with some of the coolest people I have the pleasure to know. Brilliant minds collaborating! We shared ideas, laughs, and precious family stories.”

Valerie Taylor, Graduate Diploma in Management

“I loved networking and collaborating with other students who are nursing leaders and educators throughout the country. This opportunity has been valuable as everyone had a unique point of view, and how each province had their unique way of addressing health issues.”

Rain Peñano Bautista, Master of Nursing

“There were so many memories at AU that I could not pick one. However, having group work with people from all over the world in different careers was an experience. I learned a lot from each individual I encountered online at AU.”

Annisser Francina Peters, Master of Education in Open, Digital, and Distance Education

“My favourite memory from my time at AU is working with Dr. Bernie Williams on my applied project. Dr. Williams pushed my academic and creative side as my applied project supervisor. Under his guidance, I was able to formulate a strategic management concept that I hope to publish and open new career paths as a result.”

Erika Brenna Chomiak, Master of Business Administration

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Can you share some of the lasting connections you made?

“I had the pleasure of working with a couple of ladies in multiple classes. We’ve kept in touch. I’ve never met them, but I love them to bits.”

Colleen Hughes, Bachelor of Nursing

“My favourite memories from my time at AU include my cohort family. I was able to meet a great group of lifelong friends whom I could laugh with, cry with, and work alongside. The memories of working through one of the hardest challenges and journeys of our life will stay with me forever.”

Kelsey Shields, Doctor of Education in Distance Education

“Learning with peers across the country, especially during COVID. We relied heavily on each other for support during these crazy, unprecedented times.”

Erin Gisborne, Master of Nursing

“My favourite memory is the one-week residency requirement for the Doctor of Education program. I recall stepping out of the car in Winnipeg to catch a flight to Edmonton. I questioned, ‘Am I smart enough to do a doctoral degree?’ My husband laughed and said, ‘You didn’t come this far to not do it!’ The week was filled with laughter and seriousness, learning, and exploring. I am so grateful to have had that experience, which has resulted in lifelong friendships and collaborative opportunities.”

Ruth Lindsey-Armstrong, Doctor of Education in Distance Education

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How have you applied what you learned?

“I was able to present the findings [of my applied project] to the chief financial officer of Aecon. I successfully gained his support to create a new professional-services line of business within Aecon, which I will be designing and launching over the next 5 years.

Ben Waetford, Master of Business Administration

“When I took MDDE 604, I could see the skills I would get to use when I became an instructional designer. So exciting.”

Morgan Lavell, Master of Education in Open, Digital, and Distance Education

“My favourite moment was when I realized that the learning I was doing at AU and the thoughts I was being exposed to were not only growing and changing me—but also my kids. I was watching the news and started arguing with the sexist framing of an issue when I realized my teenage son was also grumbling at the misogynistic presentation. He gets it too! Also, be aware that once you have taken a couple of theory courses, you will find yourself yelling at the television, radio, or newspaper a lot more often. If you are lucky, those around you are yelling too!”

Kelli Paddon, Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

“That I could apply the content of every course to my workspace made learning meaningful and enjoyable. I gained lots of knowledge in using computers and technology as a tool. I moved from zero knowledge of technology to someone who is using a computer everyday with no fear.”

Agnes Yaa Serwaa Somuah, Master of Education in Open, Digital, and Distance Education

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  • June 13, 2022