The Hub Revised course: Building blocks of Global Studies

Revised course: Building blocks of Global Studies

What is globalization? Who does it affect? How did it come to be?

Our world today is interconnected like never before, and there has been a broad span of impact on us as global citizens. To gain a greater understanding of the global interactions and institutions that affect us, analytical tools are used to study this complex phenomenon helping determine how information is spread based on our own biases.

Global Studies (GLST) 205 is a course with a multi-disciplinary approach that compliments a variety of majors including arts, humanities, and social sciences.

A dynamic approach

Contemporary globalization is dynamic, and so is the delivery of GLST 205. The course abandons the traditional form of teaching by textbook and instead is composed of a mixture of journal articles, book chapters, investigative reports, and different sources of media. An abundance of resources helps learners to better formulate their understanding of the history of globalization, along with its evolving global issues.

Understanding the global era

After taking GLST 205 learners will be able to engage in critical thinking with respect to globalization and be able to determine the interconnectedness of the multiple spheres including cultural, social, and technological at both local and global levels. GLST 205 will also offer a better understanding of the history, and ideologies that have become the building blocks of the global political and economic system.

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GLST 205 is a three-credit course with no prerequisite, however it is recommended that learners have done prior course work in political science, political economy or sociology.

  • November 2, 2020
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