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Neoliberal Conflicts: Deathscapes, Protectionism and the Rise of the Radical Right

Date and Time:
January 25, 2019 2:00 pm - January 25, 2019 4:00 pm MST

As neoliberal policies extend their reach globally, fissures of instability are emerging calling into question contemporary models of governance and economic growth. Neoliberal Conflicts: Deathscapes, Protectionism and the Rise of the Radical Right presents three papers addressing tensions in the contemporary neoliberal hegemony. Dr. Nina Paulovicova will be discussing the rise of the radical right in Eastern Europe, from its inception in post-USSR social and economic upheaval to its crystallization as an increasingly mainstream political force today. Dr. Paul Kellog will be discussing the disappearance of anti-neoliberal voices in contemporary trade debates, most notably during recent negotiations between the US and Canada over Trump’s re-imagined North American Free Trade Agreement where progressive protectionism, he argues, has disarmed many of today’s social movements. Dr. Karen Wall will be discussing the postcolonial legacies and potentials of urban deathscapes where heterotopic demographics of the dead pose conflicting ideals of the past and present, and extend surprising influences over environments, actions, and bodies of knowledge.

Dr. Nina Paulovicova, Assistant Professor of HistoryFrom Mobilization to Normalization of the Radical Right. The Case Study of Slovakia.   

Dr. Karen Wall, Associate Professor of Communication Studies/Heritage Resource Management: Marked and Unremarkable Bones: Sacred Sites and Second Comings

Dr. Paul Kellogg, Professor and Chair, Centre for Interdisciplinary StudiesProtectionism vs. Globalization: The False Choices of Contemporary Political Economy