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Research Webinar Series

Date and Time:
March 7, 2019 10:00 am - March 7, 2019 11:00 am MST

You are invited to the next Research Webinar: Homework Woes? Gaming could be the answer!

Join us as we hear how Dr. Maiga Chang and his research team have designed and developed a trading card game and use its cards to get students motivated to do learning activities. Trinity Primary School in the United Kingdom was inspired by the research and developed their own non-digital game, “Character Clash!” to encourage children to read more.

Dr. Chang and his team also researched the design of games serving a range of audiences:

  • assisting the elderly to improve skills around selective attention to tasks
  • addressing on-the-job training for adult participants
  • familiarizing financial literacy concepts for youth
  • nurturing the habits of self-regulated learning in adolescents and practice of the knowledge they learned
  • training autistic children’s daily activities skills
  • encouraging students to practise math regularly
  • improving people’s meta-cognitive skills (i.e., problem solving, associate reasoning, and organizing and planning)

Experiments using these games have demonstrated positive and encouraging outcomes in regard to student achievement and more!

Join us to learn more!