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Toward Co-operative Commonwealth: Transition in a Perilous Century MOOC

Date and Time:
January 29, 2023 12:00 am - June 10, 2023 12:00 am ()

Towards Co-operative Commonwealth: Transition in a Perilous Century

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Jan. 29 – June 10, 2023

A unique blend of theory and critical analysis showcasing practical models of transition is now being applied in communities around the globe.

System change and transition to a political economy that is socially just and environmentally sustainable are central concerns of social movements the world over. Climate change has added an unprecedented layer of complexity to the work of these movements. Transition to a just and sustainable future requires realistic, practical perspectives. This is the starting point for the transition work we envisage at Synergia, and that is embodied in the content of our 2023 version of the MOOC.

After completing the Synergia course, you will be able to

  • Support provision of basic needs in ways that advance fairness and resilience
    while contributing to the restoration of ecosystems and reducing GHG
  • Advance the shift away from endless growth towards an economics of well
    being, sufficiency, solidarity, and living within the natural limits of the planet
  • Identify tactical ways and means for citizens, communities, organizations,
    institutions, movements, and progressive businesses to craft and execute
    democratic strategies, build resilient solutions, and counter the status quo.
  • Amplify and spread the impacts of alternatives that advance system change,
    energy descent and at the same time adapt to climate disruptions.

Certificates of completion and university accreditation


As part of the innovation, Athabasca University’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and MA Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) program have agreed to pilot an evaluation of the performance of participants who want to receive university credits for their work in the Synergia MOOC. Participants should contact Dr. Gismondi early in the MOOC to indicate their interest and clarify the process to register as a non-program student or for MAIS students to go on the short list of six pilot candidates.