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Case competition FAQs

Do you have questions about competing on one of the Athabasca University – Faculty of Business (AU-FB) Case Competition teams?

We have answers!

Who is eligible to participate?

If you’re a full-time AU-FB undergraduate certificate or program learner, please consider applying. It doesn’t matter where you live, so long as you meet the other requirements.

What does competing require of me and my time?

You will meet online every two weeks, beginning in October until mid-December, and the team meetings are facilitated by at least one AU-FB professor and three academic experts.

There are six online sessions, four online presentations, and one in-person practice weekend in January. The two competitions are in March and the teams can compete in more – if they so choose.

How do I apply?

To apply, you’ll need to be a full-time program or certificate AU-FB learner and you’ll need to submit a letter of application and a current CV.

Letter of application:

-registered name at AU and student number;

-tell us why you are interested in the competition; and

-confirm you intend on being a full–time student (registered for 3 courses at the same time) for the winter semester.

-let us know which competition(s) you are interested in.

You can apply to participate in more than one! 


Current CV:

-registered name at AU and student number;

-include any work experience; and

-educational qualifications.

Please then email your completed letter of application and CV to

Must I live in Alberta to participate?


How are the practice meetings organized?

In total, there are six online sessions, four online presentations, and one practice weekend in January, plus the two case competitions.

The day and time are arranged by mutual agreement.

We meet every two weeks from October to mid-December. There will also be some online discussion on presentations and case studies.

In January, the in-person weekend session is in Edmonton.

After that, the teams decide how many more case competitions they wish to do.

When is the in-person practice session?

The practice session occurs in January from Friday to Monday.

-Friday – evening

-Saturday – all day

-Sunday – all day and

-Monday – finish at noon

The actual weekend chosen will set be by mutual agreement.

When and where are the actual competitions?

Both case competitions are in normally held in March (actual dates to be confirmed). The CPA competition is in Calgary and the Alberta Deans of Business Competition is hosted by various post-secondary institutions around the province of Alberta.

Who pays for all this?

AU-FB cover travel, accommodation, and subsistence. We also cover the cost of case studies and textbooks.

How do I obtain course credit?

For full participation in the case study competition, you may register for ADMN 499 and receive three credits towards your degree. You will need to pay regular course fees. If you are interested in using your participation in the competition toward ADMN 499, please contact an AU-FB Program Advisor at the Student Support Centre to confirm if ADMN 499 can be used towards your certificate or degree. Enrolling in ADMN 499 counts towards your full-time student status.

Here are some of the sample schedules and agendas for last year’s team:

These are sample presentations from a previous team’s at-practice weekends:

Please email, if you still have questions or are ready to apply.

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