The Hub Faculty of Business Bachelor of Commerce renewal

Faculty of Business Bachelor of Commerce renewal

Athabasca University – Faculty of Business (AU-FB) is excited to share that as of July 1, 2020, the Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) four-year program is now offering even more majors.

AU-FB reviewed their academic programs and moved to consolidate all undergraduate offerings into this single, powerful 4-year degree, with the following majors:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Business technology management
  • Human resources management
  • Marketing
  • Indigenous business
  • General

Leading edge

With the renewal of the overall BComm program, AU-FB is also enlivening and enriching course content. From the newly launched ADMN 405, which is the artificial intelligence-powered cooperative learning experience, to ADMN 233, which has been updated to use simulated, experiential learning methods, AU-FB is using a variety of new digital business education tools. With these new tools and forward-looking curriculum, AU-FB is preparing learners for the challenges that lie ahead.

“After reviewing our academic programs, we have consolidated our undergraduate offerings into a single powerful BComm degree, while introducing new digital business education tools and supports. We are very excited about these changes and are continuing to innovate, assure quality, and act courageously.”

– Dr. Deborah Hurst, Dean, AU-FB

Recognizable, valued, and respected degree

The renewal of the BComm program continues the flexible, accessible business education that learners have come to expect from AU-FB. Graduates from the BComm program have a recognizable, valued, and respected undergraduate degree. They acquire the knowledge and skills that they need, while also putting those skills into practice with opportunities like student competitions and learning from some of Canada’s best online business educators and researchers.

“We are excited about the new improvements in our renewed online BComm program. Now our learners have the option to select one of the six modernized business majors from the BComm or complete the general route program. The renewal of the Indigenous business major is a more inclusive approach to learning and incorporating Indigenous knowledge, education, and traditions for Indigenous and non-Indigenous learners.”

– Dr. Hussein Al-Zyoud, Program Director, AU-FB

Increased choice and personalization, including more learning pathways

Whether learners are looking to develop technical disciplinary expertise, to deepen their managerial and research expertise, or to enhance their careers, the renewed BComm increases student choice, flexibility, and ability to personalize their own learning journey. AU-FB’s BComm program specifically has been renewed to be more accessible to new populations of learners, notably Indigenous peoples and business professionals.

Transitioning into the BComm program

Learners who are currently in the Bachelor of Management four-year program will be able to finish out that program, as long as they remain active in the program and follow the program regulations that they are currently following. There is no added fee if they choose to transfer into the renewed BComm program. Current learners can reach out to AU-FB’s Student Support Centre if they have any questions or would like to transfer into the renewed BComm program.

The Bachelor of Management three-year program now ladders into the renewed BComm program, making it even easier to attain the business credentials students are looking for. AU-FB is strengthening partnerships and collaboration to open up more learning pathways for more learners.

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your business skills or gaining the credential you need to take your career to the next level, learn more about why you should choose AU-FB’s BComm program today!

  • September 3, 2020