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Financial accounting at AU

The Faculty of Business accounting team is always working to innovate courses and to help learners create a more flexible schedule. From moving all exams online to integrating an award-winning digital platform called Lyryx, AU offers interactive, practical, and engaging accounting courses.

Convenient learning

The financial accounting series of courses has a unique and convenient registration process. Unlike others, ACCT 253/351/352 allow learners to register and begin immediately—learners do not have to wait for an official course start day. Learners create their own schedules rather than being tied to a semester system.

In addition to the quick access, the entire course is available online. Learners get instant feedback on their online assignments, quizzes, and case studies. Assistance is available through discussion forums and chats with others through Lyryx, the platform that facilitates the courses, allowing learners to connect with other learners that are at the same point of the course as them.

An innovative platform

Lyryx creates single-topic, algorithmic, instant feedback exercises that are administered to learners right after a new topic is introduced. It provides spaces for learners to create answers versus being a platform that has a “fill in the blank” model. Lyryx has integrated “explorations” into the Open Educational Resource content which allows the learner to genuinely grasp a concept rather than to just to memorize it.

Using the Lyryx platform, learners can practise at their own pace while being able to do so as many times as they see fit. Each time the practice is a different iteration of questions and provide instant feedback to the learners pinpointing what areas they are doing well in and could use improvement on.

Labs in ACCT 253 are also created by the platform for learners to test their knowledge through multi-concept assignment question that count towards their final grade. Learners are permitted to do the labs as many times as they wish. A minimum overall grade of 80 per cent is required and once achieved, learners will receive 100 per cent as their assignment grade. A record of best attempts is kept for learners to reflect on their performance and review before exams.

Whether you are interested in taking just one accounting course or completing the full Bachelor of Commerce program with a major in accounting, AU has the right accounting solution for you!

  • December 11, 2020