The Hub It’s been divine!

It’s been divine!

Congratulations to our DBA program director Dr. Kay Devine on her retirement at the end of June!

Kay Devine joined the Faculty of Business in July 2006 (at that time it was called the Centre for Innovative Management). Since then, she has spent a good part of her career enriching our programs and our lives. Kay played an integral part in the creation and launch of the DBA program in 2009 and worked tirelessly to ensure DBA students were set up for success in the program. As the inaugural and only program director for the DBA program, her dedication to the program will surely be missed.

At the annual coaches’ conference this year, Faculty of Business Dean, Dr. Deborah Hurst, spoke highly of the many years that they have spent together, as not only colleagues but also friends. “Kay is not only about the work, she is one of the most kind and generous colleagues I know – she always has time and energy to help, to listen and to provide wise council”.

Students’ of Kay’s have echoed this sentiment:

“She really demonstrated the ideal AU model of learning – online, while physically distant – without any distance in heart, soul, and mind”

– Adri van Hilten
Dr. Kay Devine receiving congratulations from Dean Dr. Deborah Hurst

The Faculty of Business will forever remember her contributions in moving the DBA program forward and are excited for what the future offers her.

Now the fun begins; best wishes on this new chapter in life.

  • July 26, 2018