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On the line: business education in the digital age

Drs. Anshuman Khare and Deborah Hurst, Faculty of Business, Athabasca University, are pleased to let you know of their new co-edited book very recently published by Springer US entitled: On the Line: Business Education in the Digital Age.

The co-editors believe that this new book provides important information for business educators, administrators, and business practitioners who have an interest in developing and delivering high quality business education using online platforms and tools.

Many authors have contributed to this new book including academics, alumni, and consultants from around the world working in over fifteen institutions. These authors have provided different perspectives on the nature of business education delivered online. In a series of chapters they discuss their experiences of online program design, delivery, and platforms used to provide timely, excellent and relevant business education. The authors also discuss how their approaches take into account advances in management disciplines realised in the online learning experience. Along with the academic papers, the book also provides perspective papers from professionals who earned their business degrees online from institutions in Europe and North America. We believe that these perspective papers provide readers with an important counterpoint regarding how online business education programs are experienced.

To present the different author viewpoints, we structured the book into three sections. Section one examines the emergence of online business education with papers that address ‘why’ online business education programs are viable and sustainable in today’s context. The book then moves on in section two to describe different aspects and developments in online business education regarding ‘how’ online business education programs work. Finally, section three attempts to answer ‘so what’ questions and discuss outcomes and impacts of online business education.

We believe that the three sections together provide business educators, administrators and consultants with important insights into the design and implementation of online business education. While topics vary across the chapters, many include discussions of how technologies can be used for class facilitation and collaboration as well as bring business education content and issues to life in meaningful ways. Further disruptive approaches to business education and potential new directions for online business education are also examined within the book to provide readers with a good variety of information to consider.

We hope you will enjoy the book and provide us with your feedback. You can access this book at:

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  • October 20, 2017
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