The Hub Project Janitor: Cleaning Other Manager’s Mess, a new book by Jamal El Ali, MBA’06

Project Janitor: Cleaning Other Manager’s Mess, a new book by Jamal El Ali, MBA’06

“Project failure causes a lot of pain to the organization and the team engaged on the project.” Jamal writes. “Project recovery could be very rewarding if it is done right.”

Athabasca University MBA ’06 Jamal El Ali presents a step-by-step guide using Jamal’s Four-Step Process to achieve the project’s objectives successfully in his new book Project Janitor: Cleaning Other Manager’s Mess and explains how learning a simplified process and following it could enable organizations to save a significant amount of resources and enjoy successful project delivery.

Jamal goes on to say that “being highly skilled at project recovery could be a great asset, and building your reputation using the knowledge in this book could make you become the “go-to” person and the SME for any project recovery matters. This is a way to create your brand where you distinguish yourself from others in the industry.”

Jamal El Ali is the president and founder of Cedarbyte Consulting with years of experience in providing consulting and training services in Canada and the U.S. Jamal has taught for the University of Toronto as a guest lecturer in addition to teaching at Ryerson University since 2013. In addition to Project Janitor, Jamal published a project recovery online course, and co-authored Sample Exam Questions with Dr. John A. Estrella and others.

Jamal is currently a monitor at PMI-Toronto Chapter and a volunteer with project managers without borders.

Whether you are new to recovering projects or have done this before, this book and online training course will help you discover new techniques to augment your skills.

The Project Janitor book and online course are available now through

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  • August 27, 2018
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