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Natricia Walters: Triple Threat and Loving It

By: Natricia Walters

I never in a million years envisioned my life like this. 

In my dreams as a little girl, I always wanted to be a mother above anything else. I wanted to become an accountant. I would then get married at 22 years old, have my first child, a boy, by 24 and my second child, a girl, by 26. I was going to be the most attentive, caring, patient, and in-control mom ever. My babies would be happy.   

Well, a part of my dream came through. I got married at 22. I had my son 16 days after my 25th birthday, and my daughter two years later. I did not count on being a single mom though, as my marriage fell apart while I was pregnant with my daughter. Somewhere along the way, my goal of becoming an accountant was pushed aside as I worked on my psychology degree.   

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Triple Threat

Now at the prime age of 35, I am a triple threat. I am a full-time single mom to my two amazing children, a full-time healthcare worker by day, and a full-time student by night, working on my second degree. Athabasca University (AU) has allowed me to hold dear all the things that I cherish in my life while creating a better life for my children. I am able to be there for them while studying and still being able to provide financially for their basic needs. There are days when giving up seems to be the most viable option, but how can I when I have an amazing institution as AU pushing me toward my goals? I enjoy the flexibility of working on my courses when I can and wherever I can. I am grateful for the caring professors that I can call on whenever I need assistance.   

When I decided to go back to school, I wanted to make sure that I could send quality time with my children while still being able to work. AU has afforded me that luxury and I am forever grateful. For my first degree, I did a combination of night and online classes. It pained my heart on the days when I could not be home for bedtime with my children. With AU, I can always be there when they need me. They are the most important parts of my life and AU allows me to keep that quality time with them.  

“Now at the prime age of 35, I am a triple threat. I am a full-time single mom to my two amazing children, a full-time healthcare worker by day, and a full-time student by night, working on my second degree.”

– Natricia Walters

After completing my degree, I would like to become a Certified Professional Accountant. I have always loved working with numbers but I also want to make sure that I can afford a future for my children. I am so happy that AU is getting me closer to that goal. 

AU has also provided one unexpected benefit. AU has given me a new found confidence in myself. I realize that I can do whatever I set my mind to. I now see that no matter how hard or how much I have going on, if I lean on my support team, I can make it. I know this degree will help me to get a better paying job and one day I may be able to buy that house so my children can finally have their own rooms. We may just be able to take that trip to Disney too, and I can keep working on my YouTube channel! 

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Natricia is a fighter. She doesn’t stay down for too long. After completing her first degree, she realized that the path she had chosen wasn’t as appealing anymore, and she knew she had to get back to her first love. Twelve years ago before starting her first degree, Natricia had been accepted into her current program, Bachelor of Commerce at AU. She dropped the program after being accepted to University of Alberta a month later. But here she at AU is again, completing the program she fell in love with in high school. When she’s not working or completing assignments, Natricia loves to cook, bake, and write. She hopes to become an author one day. Currently, she’s striving to be the best mom she can be.
  • June 4, 2020
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Natricia Walters