The Hub FHD experts develop first Canadian edition of popular family practice textbook

FHD experts develop first Canadian edition of popular family practice textbook

Thousands of healthcare professionals work in family practice across the nation. Thanks to a team of editors from Athabasca University’s (AU) Faculty of Health Disciplines (FHD), the first Canadian edition of a book that helps prepare those professionals is now available.

After being approached by the publisher, Debbie Fraser, associate professor, Dr. Lynn Corcoran, assistant professor and program director, BN Clinical Affairs, and Dr. Margaret Edwards, dean, oversaw the reworking of all 22 chapters of Canadian Family Practice Guidelines. The U.S. version of the book is considered by many to be the gold standard reference for family practice nursing and medical students, and primary care practitioners.

canadian family practice guidelines
Canadian Family Practice Guidelines

“In some ways, ‘Canadianizing’ a book can be more difficult that starting fresh,” says Fraser. “Canada and the U.S. are quite different. For example, Canada has socialized medicine, many ethnic and regional differences, different units of measure, and you also need to work within someone else’s page limits, structure and thinking.”

Chapter authors were invited from across the country. The editorial team ensured the writing had a consistent style, so the various parts worked together. The team also worked with the publisher so recommended changes, including some terminology, were implemented throughout the book.

“The publisher recognized our expertise and our reach,” Fraser says. “That’s one of our strengths. Our connections made it possible to engage authors from a number of different university settings, which was a great benefit.”

The result is a Canadian textbook that will ultimately help patients by contributing to standardized primary care across Canada. This helps ensure that if a patient or provider moves from one place to another, a common approach is understood.

“In many ways, this is a brand new resource. It brings national guidelines from a variety of specialties together in one place, which is valuable for students and practitioners. Practice guidelines are always changing, so providers need to stay up to date.”

– Debbie Fraser, associate professor

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  • December 9, 2019