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Brandi Morpurgo: Thriving “outside of the box”

By: Brandi Morpurgo

I am an AU student, a wife, a mom and a business owner.

I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program in English, with five classes to go before I graduate. Being a student of AU has enabled me to juggle all of the roles in my life without feeling overwhelmed.

The self-discipline required to do my studies and assignments in my own time have given me the time management skills so beneficial to balancing a family, a new business and a student life. AU has encouraged success as a student without sacrificing my other priorities.

I am the Owner of Daisy Chain Book Co., Alberta’s only bookshop on wheels.


I know, it’s kind of a wild and crazy dream that became a reality last year. Books and stories have been a foundational part of my life for as long as I can remember and the dream of driving into communities and offering used books to eager readers was something that never left my mind.

I’m so grateful for the chance to pursue a degree in something I am especially enthusiastic about without having to choose between being a parent, a business owner or a student. Previously, I had been a Social Worker, but the freedom to pursue learning was too difficult to fit into such a boxed-up, emotional 9-5 life.

The liberty and permission I have become accustomed to in my AU pursuits have taught me to thrive in out-of-the-box thinking.

Brandi Morpurgo, a mother of two daughters, is currently an AU student, 5 classes away from completing her BA in English. Once a Social Worker, she is now an entrepreneur, operating Alberta’s only Bookshop on Wheels alongside her husband Mark, who got his DBA through AU in 2015. Her eldest daughter is currently enrolled in a BA English program, and her youngest will be starting AU in the Fall. 

  • April 22, 2019
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Brandi Morpurgo