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Criminal Justice tutor in the news

Last week the Ontario Police College made a decision that they are no longer going to be testing their recruits in physical fitness. 

Rather than PREP testing, the recruits will take part in a simulated foot chase (amongst many other things), which better represents day-to-day duties. AU’s Terry Coleman, a Criminal Justice tutor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science was interviewed on the Scott Radley Show on Hamilton’s News Talk radio, CHML, to discuss the decision.  

Terry’s vast experience in the Policing field—including more than 25 years with the Major Crime Unit of the Calgary Police, and 10 years as the Chief of Police in Moose Jaw—allowed him to weigh in as a subject matter expert. Terry’s determination is that the decision was likely made for a host of reasons, including a focus on de-escalation and defusing of crisis situations, advancement in policing tools, and a change in funding for the Ontario Policing system. Great job, Terry!

Check out the very engaging interview.

  • September 26, 2018
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